To Level Up Your Coaching Business, Learn This Essential Skill

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As the owner of a coaching business, you’re constantly tackling a list of Big Urgent Things That Need To Be Handled Right Now.

It can feel like you’re drowning: coaching sessions, prep work, program curricula, client relationship maintenance, networking one-on-ones . . .








Website updates.

You’re constantly underwater, struggling to come up for a gasp of air before another wave pulls you down into the sea of minutiae.

There’s this constant push-and-pull because you know you can make a difference in people’s lives. Your coaching sessions build up your soul and leave you energized. You see the impact you’re making on your clients and their relationships — and the ripple effects that radiate outward. All because of the work you do in your group and one-on-one coaching sessions.

All that other stuff, though? The marketing? The bookkeeping? The legal? Selecting the right insurance for your business doesn’t leave you feeling energized. Filing taxes doesn’t make your heart flutter. Writing sales emails doesn’t make your heart sing.

But you don’t need to learn how to be an expert in all those tedious little (big) projects. And unless you inherited Hermione Granger’s time-turner, you couldn’t even if you wanted to.

And that’s okay. Really, it is.

The way you’ll get through all that Big Urgent Stuff is simple (if not always easy).

Practice delegating.

There are already people in the world who — you might want to sit down for this one — people who do love researching business liability insurance. People whose hearts sing arias when they complete a Schedule K or a Form 1040. People who write email sequences for fun.

It’s true. They do exist.

I know they do because I’m one of them.

I talk with so many business owners who freeze when they sit down to write a blog. Who sweat when it’s time to re-do web copy. Who have to lie down and take a nap before they can complete a sales email.

It’s exhausting, frustrating, and inefficient to work on projects you’re not great at or excited about.

That’s why I let someone else do my taxes. Taxes just aren’t my forte.

But sales emails? Website copy? Blogs? Landing pages? Yesssss. Hand ’em over. Words are my superpower and I use them to create good in the world.

And I’m not alone. There are other weirdly talented people who exist to help take tedium off your plate.

CPAs. Insurance brokers. Financial advisors. We’re all experts in our fields.

“I can do it myself, though.”

That might be true! I could do my own taxes. I could research tax code and learn the rules and exceptions and strategy. It’s doable. But it would take a lot longer and I still wouldn’t get all the deductions my CPA finds for me. I could find my own insurance, but it would take a lot longer and I still might not get the best rate for the best protection.

It’s ultimately not in the best interest of my business to do that work on my own.

That said, I do write my own copy. Because that’s my area of professional expertise. I’ve already put a lot of time and energy into learning the best ways to boost SEO, well-studied methods of pulling ideal clients further into sales funnels, and high-converting calls-to-action. And it’s literally my job to keep learning as our society evolves, as Google implements new algorithms, and as the needs of your ideal clients change. What’s more, I get excited about that continuing education. I actually like it.

So why try to do all that work yourself, when your expertise is in improving the lives, businesses, and relationships of your clients? If you’re spending time researching insurance and taxes and marketing, you’re not spending time making an impact on your clients and on the world. We all need you to focus on what you’re good at — that’s how you’ll create the most change and leave the world a better place than you found it. So use us. Take advantage of our expertise so that you can take advantage of yours.

Being an expert means that we’re experienced. We’re trained. We’ve come up against hurdles and overcome them.

We’ve already done the hard and time-consuming work to ensure that our service is smooth and our product is efficient, informed, and reliable.

When you’re reworking your website, for example, you might worry and fret and stress over saying just the right thing on your FAQ page. And when you do, you:

  • Drain your energy and creativity, leaving you with an empty tank when you need to develop programs, prep for coaching sessions, or build client relationships
  • Spend too much time Googling suggestions and tricks for tasks you don’t have the essential training for, leaving you feeling panicked about your looming to-do list
  • Squander your emotional and creative capital working on a project that depletes your energy instead of revitalizing you, leading to burnout

But if I write that FAQ page for you, here’s what it looks like:

  • You coach your best clients, strengthening those relationships and increasing your impact (while I determine the most effective ways to answer your prospects’ frequent questions)
  • You excitedly design new curriculum for a program you’re dying to pilot (while I conduct keyword research and establish your FAQ’s hardworking SEO)
  • You take a friend and referral partner to lunch at your favorite place to discuss a new partnership you think could catapult both your businesses’ growth (while I re-write, revise, and proofread)

And that’s just me. That’s just an example of how delegating one small project could impact your life and your business.

So learn to delegate. Learn to let go! We’re here to help you build, organize, file, write, plan, invest, sell — whatever you need help with, there is someone out there on the internet who can make life easier for you. (If you let us.)

“But I don’t have the budget!”

When you’re pre-revenue or your budget is tight, it can be hard to figure out the best ways to spend the little money you’ve got. So look at your options. What are you spending your budget on now, and what’s the return you’re getting from those expenses? Then consider what it’s costing you to not use an expert in the area you’re considering. In my case, as a copywriter, the work I do directly affects:

  • How many of your ideal clients find you, how efficiently (SEO)
  • How your prospects and clients feel about you, your philosophies, and your coaching style (website, email, blog copy)
  • How willing those prospects will be to set up a consultation — and how easily they’ll lay down their credit card at the end of the call (calls-to-action, landing pages, and other website copy)
  • Whether clients feel invited to re-enroll (post-program surveys, re-enrollment email sequences, landing pages)
  • The number and quality of referrals you receive (client relationship management emails, post-program surveys)

Really consider the costs — the obvious ones and the hidden ones — that you’re incurring by not working with the expert you’re considering. No matter what their expertise, there’s a reason they charge a fee: their work is worth it.

“Other people might not do it like I do.”

Ooh, this one hits home for me.

My perfectionism honestly works well for me and my clients when it comes to my copywriting, editing, and proofreading projects. But something I’ve been working on for . . . longer than I’d like to admit . . . is “not letting ‘perfect’ be the enemy of ‘good.’”

I get the instinct to do it all myself. But a lot of the time, we need to let go just a little bit (and sometimes, we need to let go a lot).

Besides, I promise that the CPA is going to do your taxes better than you will — and faster, too.

Because, you know, expertise. Training. Experience.

You don’t have to tackle those Big Urgent Things alone.

We’re here to help. It might sound a little sappy or woo-woo or whatever you want to call it, but we’re all on the same team. You started coaching because you knew you could make a difference in people’s lives and in the way the world works.

You can see that difference every time you get off a call with a client. You feel it.

You’re the expert in coaching.

And there are other experts out there to help you with all the other stuff. The taxes. The marketing. The legal.

We’re here for you. So delegate those Big Urgent Things That Need To Be Handled Right Now to us.

Let us use our expertise so you can focus on what you’re an expert at — helping your clients change their lives.



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